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Big Data


6 Months





What Is Big Data?

For organizations of all sizes, data management has shifted from an important competency to a critical differentiator that can determine market winners and has-beens. Fortune 1000 companies and government bodies are starting to benefit from the innovations of the web pioneers. These organizations are defining new initiatives and reevaluating existing strategies to examine how they can transform their businesses using Big Data. In the process, they are learning that Big Data is not a single technology, technique or initiative. Rather, it is a trend across many areas of business and technology.

Big Data refers to technologies and initiatives that involve data that is too diverse, fast-changing or massive for conventional technologies, skills and infra- structure to address efficiently. Said differently, the volume, velocity or variety of data is too great.

But today, new technologies make it possible to realize value from Big Data. For example, retailers can track user web clicks to identify behavioral trends that improve campaigns, pricing and stockage. Utilities can capture household energy usage levels to predict outages and to incent more efficient energy consumption. Governments and even Google can detect and track the emergence of disease outbreaks via social media signals. Oil and gas companies can take the output of sensors in their drilling equipment to make more efficient and safer drilling decisions.

‘Big Data’ describes data sets so large and complex they are impractical to manage with traditional software tools.


    • Overview of Big Data
      This includes topics such as history of big data, its elements, career related knowledge, advantages, disadvantages and similar topics.
    • Using Big Data in Businesses
      This module should focus on the application perspective of Big Data covering topics such as using big data in marketing, analytics, retail, hospitality, consumer good, defense etc.
    • Technologies for Handling Big Data
      Big Data is primarily characterized by Hadoop. This module cover topics such as Introduction to Hadoop, functioning of Hadoop, Cloud computing (features, advantages, applications) etc
    • Understanding Hadoop Ecosystem
      This includes learning about Hadoop and its ecosystem which includes HDFS, MapReduce, YARN, HBase, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Zookeeper, Flume, Oozie etc.
    • Dig Deep to understand the fundamental of MapReduce and HBase
      This module should cover the entire framework of MapReduce and uses of mapreduce.
    • Understanding Big Data Technology Foundations
      This module covers the big data stack i.e. data source layer, ingestion layer, source layer, security layer, visualization layer, visualization approaches etc.
    • Databases and Data Warehouses
      This module should cover all about databases, polygot persistence and their related introductory knowledge
    • Using Hadoop to store data
      This includes an entire module of HDFS, HBase and their respective ways to store and manage data along with their commands.
    • Learn to Process Data using Map Reduce
      This emphasizes on developing simple mapreduce framework and the concepts applied to it.
    • Testing and Debugging Map Reduce Applications
      After the applications are developed, the next step is to test and debug it. This modules imparts this knowledge.
    • Learn Hadoop YARN Architechture
      This module covers the background of YARN, advantages of YARN, working with YARN, backward compatibility with YARN, YARN Commands, log management etc.
    • Exploring Hive
      This modules introduces you with all the necessary knowledge of Hive.
    • Exploring Pig
      This modules introduces you with all the necessary knowledge of PIG.
    • Exploring Oozie
      This modules introduces you with all the necessary knowledge of Oozie.
    • Learn NoSQL Data Management
      This modules covers all about NoSQL including document databases, relationships, graph databases, schema less databases, CAP Theorem etc.


  •  Live Minor +  Live Major Projects.
  • Minor (Setting up a Hadoop infrastructure).
  • Manor (Setting up data injection, data processing, data mining and visualization on Hadoop/HDFS).


  • Mock Interview Process for Fortune 500 Companies (JpMorgan, TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, Accenture etc).
    • Pre – Placement Talk.
    • Educational Qualification.
    • Written Test.
    • HR Interview.
    • Post – Placement Talk.
  • Free Aptitude and Reasoning classes for Campus Recruitment.
  • Technical Interview Preparation.
  • Advance Communication Skill.
  • GD Practice.
  • Help in Resume Writing.
  • Job Assistance.
  • Email Writing.
  • Experience Certificate.
  • Training Certificate.


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